Transition To Employment

Action Network

Assisting those who are motivated, anxious to work, but because of employment barriers including a criminal record have been unsuccessful in securing meaningful employment.

Career Opportunity Program

Programs vary dependent upon participation needs

Offered to young adults who have experienced barriers to employment success and are interested in pursuing careers/apprenticeships within the traditional trades and other vocations. Introducing local employers to a new pool of motivated employees.

Transition To Employment

Job ready adults, active in job search yet are experiencing difficulties in finding employment which matches their skills, abilities and training.

Mature Worker Program

Programs vary dependent upon participation needs

Offered to individuals over 50 who have found themselves out of the workforce due to downsizing or unable to find work in their field of expertise.

WES Training

Workplace Essential Skills Training for individuals who require skills enhancement to become an active part of the workforce.

Educational Services

Community Adult Learning Program

The (CALP) Program enhances the overall academic standing of those participants who have not had the opportunity to have completed their primary education. Students learn the academics necessary for successful writing of the GED.

Educational Workshops

Programs vary dependent upon participation needs

Inspirational expert speakers are brought to speak with mainstream and alternative school youth. Speakers provide true life experiences and/or expert knowledge on topics of interest such as: substance use, bullying, gangs, dating violence, GLBT issues etc.