Youth and Family Initiatives

  • Intercultural Youth Initiative – Part of a provincial wide program, the program aims to address the “Social Determinants of Crime” through the promotion of youth empowerment, belonging and shared responsibility.  The model is holistic, culturally relevant, encourages community involvement, involves a recovery model of care and recognizes the strengths of the local communities and the cultural distinctions within. Targeting middle school age youth, the main goal of the program is to reduce anti-social behaviors, decrease problematic life choices, increase an attachment to learning and school performance and increase community involvement.
  • Atlantic Youth Challenge to Prevent Drugged Driving – Part of an Atlantic wide program, partnered with John Howard’s across Atlantic Provinces, Departments of Education, RCMP and local policing organizations.  Youth leaders selected across Atlantic Provinces are provided evidence-based facts, dispelling myths in relation to drugged driving and guided in creating an anti-drugged driving social media campaign by developing peer led messages through social media platforms.
  • Youth Outreach Program – Part of a provincial wide program, partnered with Black Lives Matter NB in Saint John, the program aims to promote the welfare and well-being of Black community members and their families, promoting equal opportunities among their peers.  Two program streams target youth 11-15 years and 16-24 years by providing family, education and employment supports and resources, assistance in coping with harassment and racism and building future leadership in the youth of today.
  • Strengthening Families Program – A family group based service addressing youth / family challenges, increasing family strengths and resilience and reducing risk factors for problem behaviors in youth, including behavioral, emotional, academic, and social problems. SFP builds on protective factors by improving family relationships, parenting skills, and the youth’s social and life skills.(Program Starts Vary)

Clients in our Youth and Adult Initiatives can receive further services:

– Professional Counselling

  • Social Worker Case Management: Provision of individual and family counselling based upon the Strengths-Based Brief Solution-Focused Model.

– Addictions Awareness

  • Drug Awareness & Education Program: A program provided within our main youth initiatives aimed at enhancing youth knowledge of the issues pertaining to personal, peer and family substance abuse through effective strategies.

– Social, Emotional & Cognitive Skill Development

  • Anger Management: Fosters the discovery of anger management skills and empathy in youth and adults with recurring difficulties coping with their anger.
  • Independent Living Skills: Designed to facilitate daily living skills necessary for client self-autonomy

Correctional Services

  • CISP: One-on-one counselling services for those on probation to provide guidance and supervision to clientele as per their case plan;  to assist the client in developing links with stakeholders such as the courts, other government departments, private and public agencies; and to assist in the active recruitment of community programs and services for client attendance such as employment opportunities, leisure and recreational activities. Programs vary dependent upon participation needs.
  • ICPM: One-on-one counselling services promoting positive attitude and behavior change through Cognitive Behavior Therapy which is based on the assumption that cognitive deficits and distortion characteristics of offenders are learned rather than inherent. ICPM emphasizes individual accountability while attempting to teach and understand the thought process that immediately precedes actions.  Programs vary dependent upon participation needs.