Although our traditional client base is those persons affected by the criminal justice system, we have developed an expertise in supporting persons with complex needs facing multiple barriers or who are considered hard to service or house.

As a lead anti-poverty organization the JHS assists individuals in overcoming disadvantage and inequalities which impact quality of life, ability to contribute, and so much more.

Services include:

  • The provision of case managed therapeutic treatment homes, supported residential services and transitional housing for youth and adults under the Housing First model.
  • Providing skills development programs which assist an individual in addressing the challenges of family distress, addictions, mental health and disabilities and increase opportunity in achieving financial independence and self-autonomy
  • Providing services which enhance educational levels and job readiness and provide transition to work opportunities for those, who due to barriers, are hardest to employ.

  • Advocacy and the provision of knowledge and information of “What Works” based upon established partnerships with academia and government departments.
  • Provision of accredited professional development services specific to like organizations leading in services to complex populations within the community.

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