Professional Counselling Series

  • Social Worker Case Management: Provides the foundation for monitoring individualized need assessments and one-on-one counselling.
  • Narrative Therapy: A highly respectful and effective non-blaming approach to counselling, coaching and organizational work, which centres people as experts in own lives.

  • Psychologist Counselling Service: Professional mental health counselling is provided to participants.

Addictions series

Programs vary dependent upon participation needs

  • Drug Awareness & Education Program: Aims at enhancing youth knowledge of the issues pertaining to personal, peer and family substance abuse through effective strategies.


  • Substance Abuse Awareness: Designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for clients to cope more effectively with addiction.

Social, Emotional & Cognitive Skill Development Series

Programs vary dependent upon participation needs

  • Anger Management: Fosters the discovery of anger management skills and empathy in youth and adults with recurring difficulties coping with their anger.
  • ACT Acting on Change Together: A youth and family violence awareness and prevention program that targets aggressors, victims and bystanders of violence and aggression.
  • Change: A comprehensive program that promotes positive thinking patterns changing antisocial and criminal behaviors in youth.
  • Sexting/Cyber Bullying: Educational program that emphasizes the dangers and abuses of new technologies. Also teaches strategies to be safe tech users and youth allies.


  • Empowerment: Provides self protection and assertiveness training for girls and women. Educates our participants on sex, stereotypes, self-esteem and worth, and violence prevention
  • Theft Deterence: This program is designed to provide skills to allow self evaluation and theft deterence strategies for successful living.
  • Violence Prevention: Designed to promote healthy relationships countering abusive habitual patterns and distorded thinking practices.
  • Independent Living Skills: Designed to facilitate daily living skills necessary for client self-autonomy

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Programs vary dependent upon participation needs

Cognitive behavior therapy is based on the assumption that cognitive deficits and distortion characteristics of offenders are learned rather than inherent. The programs available to offenders emphasize individual accountability while attempting to teach and understand the thought process that immediately precedes their actions.

  • ICPM: Promotes positive attitude and behavior change. Participants challenge their attitudes, values and belief systems.

  • CPM: Provides maintenance sessions within the community for adult offenders to review and apply core skills from feeder programs.

Youth and Family Development Series

Programs vary dependent upon participation needs

  • Family Nurturing Program – A family group based service designed to enhance relations between teens and their parents. Emphasizing healthy communication and life style choices, parents begin to regain the ability to guide their youth toward a healthy balanced lifestyle.

  • Strengthening Families Program – A family group based service addressing youth substance use/abuse for youth involved with the criminal justice system (court, open custody or supervision order) due to criminogenic behaviors and illicit substance abuse.

Youth and Adult Correctional Programming Series

  • Intensive Support Program – Sponsored by the Department of Public Safety, the ISP is a sentencing option within the Youth Criminal Justice Act. The program provides a viable alternative for the courts for high risk / high need youth and their families – keeping youth from entering the custodial system and supports youth released from custody.
  • Alternative Measures – Partnered with the Department of Public Safety, the program is designed to offer an option to the criminal justice system that is visible, accountable, and accessible to victims, offenders, and the community. A process which provides a person with the opportunity to admit responsibility for criminal behaviour and participate in a program designed to best fit the circumstances.

  • Community Intensive Support Services – Social Worker support for provincial offenders and others through an integrated community based approach in improving life situations and enhancing opportunities.